Balconies, Steps, Elevator Pits. Restoration and Waterproofing

Albatross Restoration waterproofing and concrete restoration company.
It is important to keep structure sound not only for a good look but also to keep it safe and functional.
Balcony Crack Repair

Crack repair is a wise decision as it would help to avoid extensive upgrades in the future.
Albatross Restoration always recommends maintenance before the major problem hits, then it would be less stressful and easier on budget. The material that we use for a concrete crack repair is self-adhesive, and works perfect for a single hairline crack or multiple.

Balcony Concrete Patching

Albatross Restoration can perform Concrete surface restoration of a balcony (concrete is chipping, flaking, or braking) with minimal distortion. We can apply a thin patch over an existing slab without distortion of the existing structure. The material we use is highly adhesive and molds into the structure. Innovative technology that we use allows us to bring the quality up, and keep prices low.

Balcony Slope Reversal

A long-established method of repairing concrete does not allow slope reversal as it requires extensive demolition, and a thick layer of concrete should be applied. While the technology that Albatross Restoration uses is entirely innovative, the material enters the structure and bonding it from the inside, which makes it unique. It does not require tearing down the structure, and it reflects on the promise without compromising the quality.
Concrete Steps Repair

Albatross Restoration uses new technology. We do not need to reinstall or rebuild part of the stairs for repairing a single crack or multiple cracks. We can provide restoration of existing stairs by application of a thin layer over the existing problem need to remove unsound concrete. Concrete parts get bonded inside of the structure. The material is highly adhesive, which allows to avoiding demolition and necessity to recast it. Albatross Restoration repairs cracked, chipped, or flaking steps.
Elevator Pit & Shaft maintenance and repair services

Albatross Restoration specializes in elevator pit maintenance cleaning and pit waterproofing, concrete crack shaft repair and infrared diagnostics.
We provide all our services in Toronto and GTA.

Elevator Pit Cleaning

We offer Elevator Pit Cleaning as a part of the Elevator Pit Waterproofing process, or as an additional service as a part of maintenance.
Elevator Pit cleaning is beneficial to the drain functioning and helps reduce sump pump cluttering.

Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Albatross Restoration is specializing in waterproofing of elevator pits. The process is complex, consists of several steps. It also includes elevator pit cleaning. Learn more about Crystalline Waterproofing.

Concrete Shaft Repair and Infrared Diagnosis

Flaking, chipping, spalling concrete, concrete cracks - everything gets repaired. Also, to find hidden or inner problems with concrete foundations, we do infrared camera diagnostics, which gives the thermographic scan of the walls and shows any damage, leak, or crack in the wall.
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