Blindside Waterproofing Protects Buildings from Water Damage

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Blindside waterproofing technique for new construction and rebulding.
Water damages buildings and decreases the quality of air in the interior. When walls allow water seepage, the aesthetics of the wall is destroyed, mold and mildew develop on the walls, and with time, the structure of the walls becomes weak. Hence, the waterproofing of walls is crucial for the safety of buildings and their beauty.

Waterproofing is Crucial

Modern technology has enabled us to apply effective waterproofing methods to the walls and ceiling. One of these methods is blindside waterproofing. This is the most challenging method for waterproofing buildings, but it remains the only effective method in some situations.

Blindside Waterproofing is Complex yet Effective

Waterproofing forms a barrier between the wall and water. Hence, water cannot enter the building to damage the structure or ham the occupants. Blindside waterproofing is effective, but it is more complex than traditional waterproofing. That is why blindside waterproofing is selected for places where this is the only option for protecting the buildings from water access. It is applied before the installation of concrete. Blindside waterproofing is the best option when a building is close-bordering other structures, or soil structure does not allow excavation machines to operate.

Blindside Waterproofing of already Existing Buildings

The basic process of blindside construction is best when you do it at the time of building construction. However, it can be a suitable waterproofing option for many existing buildings because of its feasibility. Albatross Restoration offers effective blindside waterproofing of walls to ensure maximum safety of the structures. Public buildings suffer from severe water damage. The structure of public buildings is enormous and needs focused repair and waterproofing methods to maximize their safety. That is why the company applies modern methods backed by the latest technology to ensure successful waterproofing.

The most crucial in the whole process of blindside waterproofing is the skill of installing team. Their experience and skill help them choose the suitable material and the correct method. Tunnels need blindside waterproofing because of their specific structure. The project of tunnel waterproofing can be huge and quite complex. Moreover, some sites can be more problematic and need a lot of planning before starting the blindside waterproofing work. That is why Albatross Restoration hires skilful and experienced people only.

The Process in Brief

Blindside waterproofing is a long process. It starts with the preparation of the surface where waterproofing is needed. Then, the team works to install the membrane. The membrane is the essential part of the whole job. It has to be of proper thickness and strength according to the structure where waterproofing is needed. Therefore, different sorts of membranes are available to address the waterproofing needs of walls and tunnels. The detailing starts after the membrane is installed. This process includes nailing and coating, for example. The last step is pouring concrete to cover the surface finally. This step-by-step procedure ensures layers of safety to the buildings from water seepage. Once the blindside waterproofing is efficiently installed, structures remain safe and strong for decades.