Why Does Concrete Fluorescence Occur and How to Remove It?

Many people ask, Why does concrete fluorescence occur? Well, efflorescence is a natural occurrence. The cause is water which passes through slabs with all the natural salts in it. The salt deposits stay on the concrete surface, and water vapor evaporates. The salt deposits create an unsightly blush that eclipses the beauty of buildings. Efflorescence forms on a wide variety of concrete surfaces including stucco, stone, concrete, brick, or other building surfaces. When public buildings show signs of fluorescence on concrete, they need professional service for its removal. No matter what causes fluorescence on buildings, it is a sign of previous water penetration and needs your attention to maintain the elegance and protect the structure of buildings.

What Causes Fluorescence

When you see ugly mineral residues on the surface of concrete you wonder what causes fluorescence! Well, the key factor is water. But, not any water. Salt mixed water causes efflorescence because as a law of nature, water evaporates and the salt remains. The leftover salt particles dry and become hard on the surface of walls, ground, balconies, etc. Foundation walls of hospitals, institutes, and large hotels show the signs of efflorescence. A wet foundation is the most appropriate platform for the formation of fluorescence. Water seeps through the soil to the foundation walls but does not stop its journey. Signs of foundation water damage start appearing at some places on the foundation. While constantly moving ahead, it finally escapes the concrete and evaporates in the air leaving behind fine salt particles. These particles solidify with time and form a layer on the surface. It is always different than the surface color and texture; and it spoils the look.

Foundation Water Damage

The Foundation of buildings is in contact with the soil where water is absorbed after the rain and snow meltdown. Water saturated soil is not safe for buildings. Water starts seeping into the foundation walls. You can examine the foundation walls with a naked eye and find out where water is seeping and causing damage to the foundation. As a preventing step, you can call a construction restoration company to apply waterproofing material and protect the foundation from further damage. If you leave the foundation dry up in the summer and wetness disappears on its own, you will notice signs of fluorescence on the concrete surface. You may not know how to remove fluorescence. So, call professionals and seek their help in removing the stains of fluorescence on concrete.

How to Remove Fluorescence

You need special tools and materials for clearing the surface from the patches of fluorescence. It is better that you do not assign this job to any unlicensed builder. They do not apply quality material and professional techniques for the removal of fluorescence. Unprofessional service can damage the buildings and you will need to finally hire a reroutable company. Your expenses will be double and it will be a huge waste of time, too. Albatross Restoration offers skilled services for the removal of fluorescence. You can call the company when you observe the wet foundation of a building. They offer modern technology-based solutions that protect the buildings and clear the concrete surface from salt residues, and guarantees that fresh new look!