Concrete Patching

Albatross Restoration specializes in all kinds of concrete repairs and restorations, including patching concrete.
Usually, concrete patching requires at least two inches of the demolition in the area that needs repair. The methods we use do not require extensive destruction, all unsound pieces should be removed, and the area cleaned well of dust and dirt. It is possible to apply thin patches of the specialized concrete mixture that is highly adhesive and bonds concrete within the structure. Albatross Restoration does concrete patching for concrete floors, stairs, walls, and ceilings. Not many companies could do ceiling repair as the material does not hold on to the surface well and falls off. As our company uses unique materials, we able to perform that type of work.
It is not necessary to do recasting of the structure if the rebars got corroded. There is a particular technique to restore rebars to the original shape. The methods we suggest are very efficient and cost-effective.
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