Concrete Repair & Restoration

Albatross Restoration is specializing in repairing and restoring concrete, no matter how badly it is damaged; in fact, we could improve and bring back to life any concrete slab, foundation wall, ceiling, or concrete staircase.
Unlike traditional methods of repair concrete, we do not need to rebuild the whole structure to get it repaired. Albatross Restoration uses polymer concrete to improve the qualities and restore the look; it bonds the structure, making it very solid. Polymer concrete allows us to do even a very thin patch of material to repair and not getting it cracked later.
Not only concrete patching available with this unique technology. Extensively damaged concrete surfaces also getting repaired with no need for a full replacement. If needed, we replace rebars and cover them with a corrosion-free application, and the recovered area would have no visual difference with the other surface.
The practice we use has many advantages: the material properties are significantly higher than usual concrete, it is fast in an application, the final price tag for the concrete repair is far less than traditional methods.

Balcony Restoration & Grading

Albatross Restoration performs balcony concrete slab repair, concrete crack repair, slab edge repair, concrete patching, concrete slope reversal.
We do even fragile layers of concrete patching where the slope is wrong, and we make applications of a few inches of concrete with a special additive that is highly adhesive and bonds with the existing structure.

If the concrete is damaged and unsound, we do restoration of the slab.
If the rebars are exposed, we clean them and apply coated with a special corrosion free coating. If the deterioration is too progressive, we do the replacement of rebars.
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