Preserve the Beauty of Buildings with Concrete Slab Support Solutions

Concrete slabs in large buildings protect the whole structure. On them depends the strength and beauty of the buildings. They serve as car parking areas or sidewalks or playgrounds in the open. Inside the buildings, the concrete floor is the solid ground for seating or moving people. As far as the concrete slabs are even and smooth, they provide excellent support to the building and add to the beauty of the place. Sometimes concrete slabs suffer from cracks or sinking. The damage is harmful to the structure because it is an indication of underground changes. At this point buildings need concrete slab support or leveling or simple repair work. This support can limit the cracks and avert the sinking. The repair work becomes simple and hassle-free if you apply it early. These cracks and sinking signs should not be ignored or delayed to repair because, with time, the damage can increase, and repair work becomes costlier and more complicated.

Why concrete is sinking?

The simplest answer to why concrete is sinking is unskillful floor construction. When the floor is not well-prepared before spreading the cement mix on it, the result is uneven concrete. Both the unprepared earth and the uneven concert end up in the cracked and sunken ground. The first-time construction of the concert slab matters but it is not always the case in concrete settling. Other factors also have a share in damaging the concrete slabs. Water is the key factor in most cases. Underground water as well as rainwater play a significant role in damaging the concrete slabs. Concrete sinks or cracks when water pressures the soil under the slabs. When rainwater absorbs into the ground in large amounts, the soil becomes saturated with water. It settles and the ground under the slabs becomes uneven. The direct effect is cracked or sinking concrete.

Unskillful construction of the slabs also leads to poor drainage. The slabs are low at the wrong places and not slopy towards the drain gutter. The rainwater stays on the slabs in large puddles and does not flow away instantly. This water also damages the concrete slab.

You Need Concrete Slab Support

The slabs need some professional repair work. You need to hire Albatross Restoration. The company employs experienced and skillful builders. They apply modern techniques in repair work with the latest apparatus. The slab may not just need repair but also waterproofing or coating or anything else that you may not know. Don't worry! The builders will tell you why concrete is sinking after studying the whole problem.

Leveling concrete and correcting the slope of the slab is the basic repair work you need. What more the concrete slab needs, depends on the extent of damage that has taken place. Albatross Restoration offers professional damaged concrete repair services of all kinds. The uneven concrete that has been a problem once, will be removed forever. You will not see water gathering in the low areas of the slab after the rain. Proper drainage and excellent repair of the slab will keep the ground flawless for many years to come.