Crystalline Waterproofing

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Crystalline Waterproofing Services

Concrete is a very porous material. Aged slabs lose its density, even more, thus absorbing moisture, and reducing it's loading capacity. We use a unique technology that would improve the property of the concrete: crystalline is a liquid when we apply it, and it got soaked up by the porous concrete. Crystalline goes in every dent and crack and forms a crystal inside which repair and restore areas of low density. It is displacing all the water inside and prevents water from entering again. Crystalline initially designed for wet and damp concrete, and it works best on wet concrete.

What's more exciting is that crystalline reactivates in contact with water, and it would for many years to come. That means every time the concrete starts to leak again due to typical deterioration; the crystalline inside would get reactivated by water and begin to grow further, pushing the water away in the affected area.

The unique qualities of crystalline allow it to become reactivated for many years to come. Every time the concrete starts leaking again due to regular deterioration, this material is reactivated to increase the density of the affected areas.

Repair Method

Before we apply crystalline, the concrete surface needs to be shaved and cleaned thoroughly. The concrete surface would open its pores for better penetration of the material. Then we apply the crystalline mixture; it dries pretty, and we would use specialized moisture-retaining paint on top to avoid premature drying of the crystalline.

The crystalline coating cannot be finished off with regular paint. We use specialized topcoat paint that provides a necessary barrier against moisture evaporation.

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