Structural Damage Causes and Solution

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Solid foundation is the basis for a safe living in the building. Albatross Restoration offers building ifoundation nspection as well many other services for commercial and residential buildings.
Public buildings suffer from structural cracks because of their massive structure in the first place. Other factors can contribute to poor construction, weak soil bearing, or overloading. Structural damage is dangerous for the buildings; if you do not take a practical, efficient step to reverse it, the buildings suffer from further destruction that needs massive repair work. Albatross Restoration offers efficient solutions based on modern technology for solving the issues rooted deep in the structure of a building. Whether a bridge or an airport, the company has highly qualified experts to detect the cracks and damage and find a solution.

How to Detect Structural Cracks?

Structural cracks are often 3mm wide. You can find them at any point in a building; often, they show in the foundation. Most of such cracks are horizontal and diagonal. Stair-steps also show cracks when structural damage has started in a building. If you see a symmetrical pattern of cracks, understand it is time to call a foundation expert. Because if one end suffers from a crack the other is likely to have a crack, too.

Call Albatross Restoration for an inspection if you see a bulge in the foundation apart from the cracks. The causes are multiple, and only an accurate inspection would reveal the real cause and the extent of structural damage. The company equipped with the latest technology for repairing massive public buildings can serve you the best. They carry an infrared camera inspection to confirm the level of damage, reason, and resource. Once the inspection reveals the cracks and extent of damage, the company can plan a foolproof method for repairing all the cracks and damage.

Common Causes of Structural Damage

Waterlogged soil is a major cause of the structural problem. A structural foundation crack calls for an immediate solution for the water-logged soil inserting pressure on the foundation. But the opposite is also true. When the soil is too dry because of no rain, it shrinks from the dryness. Shrinking moves the soil under the foundation causing the structure to disbalance and bear cracks. You do not find a building perfectly standing on its foundation with poor construction. Sometimes design mistakes lead to undue pressure on a wall or a corner, and it starts cracking because of that.

Albatross Restoration is a structural repair company. You can call them with confidence because they will find out the reason for the damage and propose a safe and effective solution for the repair. After a thorough building inspection, it is possible to draw an efficient plan for the repair of spalling concrete, foundation damages.

Best Damaged Foundation Repair Plan

Damaged foundation is a serious risk for all residents and staff that serves the building, only a foundation expert company can handle all the inspection and repair work. After a complete inspection, they estimate the extent of work needed in terms of time and money. With all the details in front f you, it would be less hectic to go through all the repair work.

So, do not be late after you observe any structural damage in a building and call a reputable structural repair company to recommend the best solutions.