Expansion Joints in a Building – Purpose, Repair, and Waterproofing

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Concrete jungles are very solid, but they have to accomodate some movement in order to have an ability to withstand weather patterns, earth contractions, environmental impacts.
Concrete is not like some elastic material. Hence, it cannot expand and shrink without failure. That is why structural elements slightly shift when some natural changes put pressure on them. The pressure results in the form of cracks that look ugly. That is why builders incorporate several expansion joints while constructing walls, floors, pavements, and roofs of the buildings and bridges during the construction. These expansion joints need proper waterproofing to prevent water seepage. But, many times building expansion joint leakage happens. The reason may be poor construction, age of a building, severe temperature pressure, or excessive rains.

Expansion Joint Waterproofing is essential for Buildings

Massive public buildings like hospitals, airports, institutes, museums, malls, etc. need expansion joints to absorb expansion and contraction of the construction material safely. These joints are often located between paving slabs, sections of bridges, piping systems, and railway tracks. They endure the stress but can also be an easy spot for water to access the buildings' interior. This water seepage raises the concern of authorities because water seepage is always bad for the integrity and beauty of the buildings. Hence, they decide on expansion joint waterproofing to ensure no water seepage into the buildings.

Albatross Restoration offers expert services for expansion joint waterproofing and repair for keeping the buildings safe from cracks and water seepage.

When Do Buildings Need Expansion Joint Repair?

Expansion joints are essential for allowing the natural expansion and contraction of concrete. This simple technique is hundreds of years old and centuries castles at many places of the world are built with expansion joints. Can you imagine that many huge buildings survived earthquakes because they had expansion joints in their structure?

Expansion joints need repair after some time of their construction. This repair work keeps them intact and functional. On-time and effective expansion joint repair is vital for keeping the buildings safe from cracks and water seepage. Albatross Restoration applies the finest techniques for expansion joint waterproofing and repairing.

Building Expansion Joint Leakage – Reasons and Solutions

Why does building expansion joint leakage happen? The most common reason is the failure of the sealant that fills the expansion joints. The leakage happens when the sealant is of poor quality or a long time had passed to its filling or some extensive activity on the expansion join has exerted pressure more than it can bear or an earthquake has jolted the building weakening its expansion joints.

In most of the above-mentioned conditions, buildings need expansion joint repair or expansion joint waterproofing.

To act fast and efficiently, call Albatross Restoration and request an inspection of the expansion joints. It is immensely important to examine the building before drawing an effective plan for reairing the expansion joints and waterproofing them.

The company experts are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with all sorts of repair and waterproofing work of public buildings. They apply modern technology-based materials and techniques to restore the excellent original condition of buildings. Call them for a free quote and professional services today!