Infrared Camera inspection before Crystalline Waterproofing

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Infrared camera inspection is a exceptional foundation inspection service which shows problem on all new level.
Water is available everywhere in the ground, and rains regularly add water to the soil. This is an excellent benefit for countless creatures and plants but can be dangerous for buildings if they are not adequately secured with waterproof material from water-based damage. Public buildings are constructions and need very effective waterproofing solutions to remain safe and robust for public use for centuries to come. Albatross Restoration offers flawless waterproofing services based on modern technology in Canada. They are a reliable and skilled public buildings' repair company that meets the industry standard.

Crystalline Waterproofing

Concrete is vulnerable to suffer from water-related damage. This is because its porous structure absorbs water either from the direct rain falling above it or from the ground beneath the buildings. The crystalline material is the best option to increase the strength of concrete and make it resistant to water. Crystalline waterproofing is all about applying crystalline liquid to the surface of a wall after scraping the surface and cleaning it.

Albatross Restoration offers crystalline waterproofing in Toronto. Walls become hundred percent waterproof after crystalline waterproofing application. The material adapts to the circumstances. Crystalline swells and fills all the pours of a concrete surface. Even if water seeps into the structure in the future, crystalline enlarges in size after contact with water. Hence, blocking the pores from letting water keep bleeding throughout the concrete system.

Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Elevator pits are essential points in high-rise buildings. But they are underground and suffer from elevator pit flooding when it rains, or the snow melts. To avert elevator pit flooding, you need robust waterproofing techniques and materials to keep elevator function unhindered. Once the waterproofing is complete, there remains no possibility of elevator shaft flood.

The process of elevator pit waterproofing is complicated, but the company possess technical and professional expertise to offer impressive and long-lasting waterproofing for elevator pits. The method includes several steps, and one of the steps is crystalline elevator pit waterproofing which ensures excellent protection of the pit from water seepage.

Negative Side Waterproofing

Tunnels cannot have positive side waterproofing, although they seriously need it. This is because the soil around the tunnels gets water saturated in rainy snow melting seasons. Water finds its way to the inside of tunnels from tiny holes and cracks of the inner surface of the tunnels. Also, buildings at a steep edge of a hill or boulder need negative side waterproofing because accessing the wall is not possible from outside.

In the above situations, crystalline waterproofing Toronto company applies waterproofing material to the inner surface of the wall or roof of the tunnel to stop water from expanding its damaging effects. Crystalline swells and fills the holes efficiently. Even when water seeps into the concrete and reaches the crystalline layer, it stops there and cannot pass through crystalline.

Diagnosing Seepage in a Building Interior

Water may have started entering a building, and the process of damage would be underway when you realize it, but you may not see any signs of wear with your naked eye. In this situation, call Albatross Restoration experts for an infrared camera inspection. This modern device can give you an accurate diagnosis of the building interior.

Infrared camera inspection lets you plan a waterproofing procedure even if you do not feel that the building needs it!