How to waterproof a foundation of an underground garage, a commercial building, or an elevator pit?

In commercial buildings, there are foundation leaks too. It happens commonly at aging buildings with the weather patterns of scorching temperatures in summer and deep frost in winter, heavy rains and snow melts. It all makes the soil around the foundation walls become expanding or shrinking or oversaturated with water, and in turn, it swells and pushes the structure inwards. Weaken concrete foundations become susceptible to water penetration. And the water finds its a way towards a low-pressure area - underground garage, elevator shaft, basement space.

Over time basement foundations deteriorate and develop hairline cracks and pinholes.

Commonly in commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings, basements are used as utility spaces and underground garages or offices, especially downtown Toronto, where square feet are expensive.

Buildings require maintenance services and regular checks for leakages.

A foundation leak can create a lot of problems during excessive rains. This is the reason why taking care of any water leakages is highly suggested by Albatross Restoration.


In simple words, foundation waterproofing involves waterproofing techniques that are used to prevent water from penetrating below-ground levels of the building. There is hydrostatic pressure that can force through cracks that cause major structural damages.

Albatross Restoration offers traditional waterproofing and less traditional ones such as negative side waterproofing, aka crystalline waterproofing. In many instances, buildings and facilities are hard to be excavated, for many reasons, and the cost-effectiveness of the internal waterproofing cannot be underrated.

Some of the major reasons for foundation Waterproofing

  • Proper maintenance of the building – High moisture and excess water are usually the indicators that the foundation is water permeable, and the foundation leak is present. By investing in foundation waterproofing, you reduce costs associated with the building renovation, water damage, and restoration repairs.
  • In order to find the source of a leak, it sometimes necessary to hire a professional waterproofing company to perform an infrared camera inspection. It would allow determining foundation problems that are not affordable for the naked eye. And thus, removing the possibility of structural damages and foundation damages that might pose risks for the whole structure.
  • No leakage worries – There are a number of ways in which a basement waterproofing service provider can help you tackle this problem in Toronto. It is essential to call waterproofing professionals to solve such problems and be assured that you made the right decision.

Reasons to choose Albatross Restoration

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  • We various services associated with the water damage in buildings like elevator pit waterproofing, waterproofing expansion joint, underground garage crack repair, concrete patching
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