Exterior Vertical Waterproofing

Customer: Colliers International
Location: 1 Stone Rd. W, Guelph, ON N1G 4Y2
Description: Exterior vertical waterproofing, remove existing aluminum flushing and insulation, check for water leaks, blueskin membrane installation with primer and new styrofoam boards, supply and install new aluminum flushing, install new caulking.
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Exterior Concrete Repair

Albatross Restoration Specializes in concrete surface repair and restoration.
Customer: Colliers International
Location: 301 St Paul St., St Catherines, ON L2R 3M8
Description: Exterior concrete repair, removal, and disposal of existing concrete, install metal mesh, supply and pour new concrete pads (35 MPA), concrete grinding, concrete grinding, and repair of concrete stairs, caulking.
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Elevator Shaft Waterproofing

Customer: Residential building, Kent Condo Corporation
Location: Chittim Road Blenheim, Ontario
Description: Crystalline waterproofing application was performed by Albatross Restoration company. Inside waterproofing was necessary due to the water penetration, mold formations, and high humidity inside of the elevator shaft. Water was causing damage and rusting on the elevator system.

Concrete Stairs Resurfacing

Location: St. Catherines, Ontario
Description: Concrete stairs were damaged - cracking, chipping, spalling pieces. Albatross Restoration is a professional concrete restoration company; our company has been catering all necessary repairs to reinforce the structure and refresh the look.

Caulking Installation/Replacement

Location: St. Catherines, Ontario
Description: Albatross Restoration specializes in keeping your facility/building/warehouse nice, clean, and neat. Besides providing such essential heavy-duty services as foundation repair, foundation waterproofing, concrete repair, and concrete restoration - we also do caulking installation for commercial and industrial, municipal buildings, and facilities.
While caulking is not the best option as a waterproofing method, though it refreshes the building's look, filling the gaps from being guttered with dirt and hiding it all - making the structure look clean and complete.

Balcony concrete Restoration/Repair

Location: Toronto, Ontario.
Description: Balcony concrete floor cracking chipping, cracking and flacking is quite common, as concrete surfaces getting damaged by harsh weather conditions constantly by frost, wet and hot weather. Albatross Restoration is a professional concrete repair company, and we specialize in all kinds of concrete repair for commercial buildings, warehouses, facilities, parking lots, and plazas.
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