How Does Crystalline Waterproofing Work?

Crystalline waterproofing is a unique technology that allows interior waterproofing to be efficient as it could be.
When it comes to waterproofing, you need to choose the most efficient type of material. Public and commercial buildings crucially need strong and long-lasting waterproofing. Blocking water from entering building structures is key to sturdy structures. You may have heard of the latest popular crystalline waterproofing method. This waterproofing method has especially gained popularity because it fills the capillaries of the concrete and leaves there no place for water to seep in. Albatross Restoration offers specialized services for integral crystalline waterproofing of all types of commercial and public buildings.

Advantages of Crystalline Waterproofing

The advantages of crystalline waterproofing are huge. This material increases the age of buildings by protecting them from the slightest water damage. The crystals form inside the concrete wholes or cracks. These crystals block all the empty spaces even if they are as tiny as a pore. The crystalline waterproofing method is highly useful and versatile for a wide variety of applications. It is cost-effective and highly efficient.

These days when time is money, using crystalline for waterproofing is practical because it saves time. After installation, you do not need to protect the waterproofing crystalline against damage. Hence, the whole process of waterproofing is short and efficient. When you reduce the construction schedule, you save time. Also, frequent repair and waterproofing of commercial buildings is a lot of hassle. So, you need a very efficient and long-lasting method based on modern technology. For this, your best choice is this integral crystalline waterproofing. It is a permanent high-quality concrete protection.

How Does Crystalline Waterproofing Work?

Concrete is different than rocks. It is porous. With time it becomes even more porous because it loses its density. Thus, its absorbing capacity increases. Water seeps through it and enters the pores. This water leads to the damage of concrete structures no matter how huge they are. Albatross Restoration uses crystalline to improve the concrete structure and put an end to water absorption. Crystalline is liquid when they apply it to the concrete for waterproofing. The concrete is soaked in the liquid and it enters every pore and crack and replaces the water. Hence, the pores and cracks are filled with crystalline and water never enters the concrete again.

Now, you understand how does crystalline waterproofing work? Often waterproofing materials are applied on dry surfaces but crystalline works best on wet surfaces. So, you do not have to wait for the concrete to dry. That is why cinder block foundation crystalline waterproofing is easy and fast because you apply it directly to the wet surface

Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Does Magic

One of the biggest advantages of crystalline waterproofing is its ability to reactivate whenever water comes in close contact with it. Do you know what does that means? It means that every time after its application, crystalline remains active against water for years. Whenever it rains and water reaches the concrete, crystalline feeds on water and grows to replace water on the concrete. Hence, the water is pushed out and the concrete stays firm with integral crystalline waterproofing.

The cinder block foundation suffers badly from water. Also, the repair work of the cinder block foundation is costly. So, the best option for large buildings and commercial centers is cinder block foundation crystalline waterproofing. Buildings remain strong and safe after this long-lasting crystalline waterproofing.

Crystalline blends into concrete surfaces very strongly and allow a permanent solution for waterproofing. It is important to understand that at times solutions for a foundation to prevent further floodings might be a complex solution, and waterproofing experts in Albatross are ready to share their skills and knowledge in waterproofing technologies. For a free consultation, please, give us a call at 416-991-0052.
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