Concrete Mudjacking & Slab Support

We raise and level sunken concrete by performing mudjacking/ slab support; this service is much faster, and cost-efficient compare to replacing concrete slab or surface.
Mudjacking is a process of raising and leveling the sunken concrete surface, slab. Uneven concrete is hazardous. It is unsteady, shaky, and a trip hazard.
The most common reasons for sunken concrete are improper drainage, thaws, snow melts, heavy rains, natural ground settling process.
Concrete mudjacking is a method when concrete got lifted by the repair material that is poured under the concrete slab. We have our unique material that gets harden quickly and works perfectly for concrete mudjacking projects. It gets injected as a liquid and hardens like a rock in a few hours. To learn more about mudjacking service by Albatross Restoration get in touch with us.

Albatross Restoration also provides slab support for sunken or uneven, wobbly concrete slab. Industrial and commercial facilities usually have a lot of concrete areas that installed as a solid piece (such as concrete pad, floor, and pathways, etc.). Concrete tends to develop cracks over time, and after problem neglected might become broken and unsteady surface and be a trip/ fall hazard for staff and machinery. We perform repairs of cracked concrete surfaces as well as unleveled, shaky concrete slabs. Albatross Restoration makes concrete not only look impressive but also makes it a safe place for daily operations.
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