Concrete is porous in nature, and if not waterproofed, it would absorb water that can further cause cracks and deterioration of the surface, and structure. Do undertake a new service of crystalline waterproofing to protect concrete and ensure its longevity.


Crystalline waterproofing is a process in which the active ingredients in a crystalline product react with the free lime and moisture in the concrete and form crystals within the capillary system of the concrete. This process is most effective in filling any microcracks, pores and capillaries inside the concrete with an insoluble crystalline formation that prevents water and water-borne chemicals from entering the surface, even when under high hydrostatic pressure.

Do you know the main benefits of using crystalline waterproofing techniques as compared to other more traditional foundation waterproofing methods? If no, then do read below-

1- It increases building durability-

At times, when any form of water enters the concrete, either from new cracks or pores, with the help of crystalline waterproofing new crystals grow and seal the pores appeared in the concrete. The crystals that are formed within the concrete are insoluble and will be resistant to physical damage. There will be no danger of punctures or seam leaks. Hence, because of crystalline waterproofing a building's durability increases.

2- Very versatile in applications-

The crystalline waterproofing is highly versatile, useful and reliable for a wide range of applications. The crystalline technology basically enhances the natural hydration process of cement, so that it becomes suitable for complex architectural designs that need secured waterproofing for firmness.

3- It is very cost-effective

We recommend applying a decorative finish but crystalline waterproofing has simple installation procedures and no mandatory requirement for a protection layer. It is very cost-effective and efficient. Because of it's permanency and very high-quality concrete protection crystalline waterproofing allows a larger building footprint and lesser building maintenance cost. With this waterproofing there is no need to go for repairs regularly.

If you want to protect your concrete foundation and make sure that it has a long and serviceable life then it's waterproofing is essential. Often people get confused as to know which method would be best suitable to go for. Waterproofing can be done from the exterior side which is also known as positive side waterproofing and from the interior side which is also known as negative side waterproofing. The oldest and widely used positive side technology is sheet membrane waterproofing. The negative side could be waterproofed with the membrane as well, the method is known as a water control system. However crystalline waterproofing is a revolutionary method as it a special chemical form that integrates with the concrete structure forming a protective layer.


For any structure to function properly, time to time concrete repair is necessary. This job always requires help from experienced professionals. The concrete damage takes place due to environmental exposure. Albatross restoration firm is there for your help. The Albatross restoration provides the best crystalline waterproofing services.

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