Superior Protective Coating

Flooring, Parking Decks Coating

Superior Protective Coating system allows advanced solutions for flooring, parking decks coatings. It creates a durable, flexible, and chemically resistant surface. Among the benefits are:
  • resistant to salt, oil, gas, water, chemical spills
  • protects concrete from abrasion and mechanical wear, suitable for a high-traffic area
  • fast application, completely dry in few hours (which is extremely important in the open to the public places)
  • opt for color variations
  • shields against moisture and corrosion
  • protects concrete against temperature changes
  • fills in small dents/cracks
  • extraordinarily durable and elastomeric, seamless application, no cracking or tearing

Wastewater Treatment Lining

Albatross Restoration provides cutting-edge technology - a lining system for wastewater treatment plants. We provide lining and coating applications for concrete and metal surfaces. The application is a fast cure, chemical, and abrasion-resistant, withstands high and extremely low temperatures, seamless application, environmentally friendly, eliminates peeling and flaking, and unbelievably cost-effective instead of capital replacement costs.

Manhole and Sewer Lining

Trenchless technology or sewer drain pipe and manhole relining is an opportunity to solve manhole and sewer pipe problems without traditional excavation and replacement of the pipe, disruption of the traffic, and saving thousands on repairs.
Protective coating system is a seamless application, prevents moisture and corrosion, bacterial growth, filling cracks and gaps, excellent chemical and chemical resistance, with broad operating service temperatures between -40°F to 230°F/ -40°C to 110°C.

Bridge Coating

Albatross Restoration Bridge Coating application is excellent to defense concrete and steel structure from corrosion and outlasts paintwork. Applications of protective coating significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs. Easy use allows the seamless application of protective coating over horizontal and vertical surfaces. Wide operating service temperature (-40°F to 230°F/ -40°C to 110°C). Resistant to water, oil, salt, and harsh chemicals. Conveniently could be applied year-round and completely cures in a matter of hours.

Railcar Lining and Track Containment

Albatross Restoration provides railcar lining and track containment.
We use polyurea coating waterproofing membrane for liquid containment railcars, which shields containment from corrosion, flacking, and chemical damages.
Hopper-style rail cars that are used for carrying coal, sand and other abrasive material covered with protective lining withstand abrasion, corrosion, and mechanical damages reducing maintenance cost.

Tank Coating and Lining

Albatross Restoration provides tank lining and coatings.
No matter what it contains - lining material is a 100% solid formula with no VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and is environmentally friendly. Resistant to oil, salt, water, and harsh chemicals. The lining is designed to protect nearly any material tank that might be made of, including concrete and steel, etc. It protects tanks from water absorption, abrasion, mechanical and chemical wear, flacking, corrosion, bacterial growth.
Also, coated with protective membrane tanks are shielded from outside hazards, including sewer weather conditions, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and crack-bridging ability.
Protective lining applications are incredibly practical for new storage tank primary lining as well as restoration applications.
Protective coating works excellent in the Canadian climate and helps to offset substantially maintenance cost.

Pipe and Pipeline Coating/Lining

Albatross Restoration uses protective coatings which are in high demand for steel and metal pipes and pipelines as it prevents corrosion. Waterproofing coating is great for water supply, sewage, and stormwater pipes. Coatings and linings are 100% solid compound and does not contain VOC's (volatile organic compounds).
Protective coating applications are excellent for a new pipe primer coat and rehabilitation project as well.

Marine Coating Applications

Superior Protective Coatings also could be used in marine in a variety of applications above and beyond water. It is highly adhesive to many types of material, including steel, aluminum, fiberglass.
It protects from corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion.

Fuel Storage and Containment

Superior protective coating system designed to protect fuel storage tanks as it is resistant to many fuels and harsh chemicals. Lining coatings able to preserve storage from the inside containment, while the outside coating application layer is protecting from mechanical wear and abrasion, corrosion, water and salts, other chemicals. Coating material has mechanical properties like elongation, tensile strength, tear strength, which allows expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature outside of the tank or inside ( by adding a new product).
Coatings and linings are easy in application, fast curing in minutes that allows fast return to service.

Aquarium Linings, Water Parks, and Playgrounds

Water-resistant liner in a variety of colors, with excellent chemical and mechanical properties, fast-curing service installation - it is such a convenient option for aquarium linings. Protective waterproofing application material is one of the best for aquarium lining finishes.
It is often used as a protective coating in the water and themed park industry, playgrounds. The materials that we use are truly universal products of its properties and no limitations. The possibilities of usage are endless; some of them are:
Protective coating for molded slides, protective layer for seats for wet/dry amusement rides, tank linings, water containment, aquarium lining, and so much more.
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