Radon Gas Measuring Helps in Controlling and Eliminating the Gas

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Radon gas mostly concentrated in a lower level of a building in a poor ventilated areas. Radon gas has no smell or color, and impossible to detect without tools. Professional radon gas proofing company in Toronto, and GTA.
Radon gas is a source of radioactivity. It comes from disintegrating uranium in soil which is a natural process, but it can cause lung cancer if left unmeasured and untreated in homes. The most dangerous fact about this gas is its nondeducibility, as it has no odor, color, or taste. So, you may be living with a very high level of radon gas in your home and still be unaware of the presence of this radioactive gas. That is why radon gas measuring is highly recommended.

Radon Exposure inside the Buildings

You will be surprised to know that the most significant radon exposure happens in close buildings like homes, commercial centers, and offices. This is because construction material connected to the ground exudes radon gas silently to the interior. In addition, the rocks and combination of natural elements in soil under a building emit radon gas which can enter the buildings' interior through cracks and gaps in the foundation. Hence, the ground floors and basements have the largest amount of radon gas. If your workplace is in a basement or the ground floor, call Albatross Restoration today for radon gas testing. The measurement will reveal the accurate levels of radon gas in a building.

Radon Gas Measuring

The test needs modern apparatus, which is available with Albatross Restoration. They install it in a building for 2 to 4 days. The device prints out the reading of air measurement every hour. The device also records the average level of the gas during the testing period.

Picocuries per liter (pCi/l) is used to measure radon gas levels in the air. Once the test result is ready, you can see how much radon gas is circulating inside your home. A high level of radon gas should not be panicking as the solution is available to bring the air quality back to normal.

Another method for measuring radon gas is direct indication monitors. These carry short-duration measurements. If the test shows the gas level is higher than average, the measurement is repeated several times for a more extended period to obtain an accurate result.

Radon Gas Emissions

Radon gas emissions keep the experts worried as it causes lung cancer. People who live and stay active in areas where a high concentration of radon gas is present can suffer in their health. It is the 2nd most responsible gas for lung cancer. Radon gas emissions vary in different locations based on the soil composition.

For the safety of staff and workers in a building, have radon gas levels tested? Call a licensed, reputable radon proofing company to carry the test. If your home is vulnerable to increased radon gas levels because of gaps and cracks in the foundation, the company will offer a foundation repair plan. Sealing these gaps is the priority for every foundation, as these gaps allow radon gas and water to enter the foundation. Both elements can cause considerable damage to the health of inmates and property.