Radon Gas Elimination from Buildings

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Concentration of radon gas most commonly could be found in confined spaces, poor ventilated areas, crawl spaces, cold rooms, basements, underground garages, underground structures, etc. Albatross Restoration is a professional radon gas testing and prevention company, we measure the presence and offer solutions to reduce concentration of radon gas in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Call us for a consultation 416-991-0052
Ventilation of buildings is thought to be the best way to keep the interior full of healthy, fresh air. Unfortunately, this simple technique is not efficient for getting rid of all sorts of harmful gases in the interior. For example, radon gas. These gas levels become high in buildings which is a severe threat to the health of inhabitants. According to EPA, 1 in 5 homes in the USA has radon gas levels higher than usual. This is a high number. Because radon is colorless and odorless, so it remains undetected. Now the question is that opening the windows reduces radon gas inside? The answer is no.

What is a Radon Gas

Radon gas is formed when uranium, thorium, or radium naturally breaks down in rocks and soil. It is available all around us on roads, plains, hills, and everywhere you can imagine. Yet, we do not notice it even inside closed buildings. It is inert, odorless, and colorless. Therefore, you never see it, but humans inhale it when it is trapped inside, and their lungs suffer from its damaging effects.

Is Radon Gas Harmful Outdoors?

Radon gas is generated during the natural process of breaking down rocks and soil. Therefore, it is present everywhere. Fortunately, radon gas disperses fast and does not generally cause any damage to the human lungs. Additionally, other gases keep n adding to the environment in an amount more significant than radon gas which discourages a rise of radon levels. The most serious is the presence of radon gas indoors, especially when it is above the recommended level.

Why Radon Gas is Harmful

Inhaling this gas over time can be seriously damaging to the lungs. In addition, it may cause lung cancer. Studies and surveys reveal that radon gas is the second leading responsible cause of lung cancer in America. In the United States alone, the EPA estimates around 21,000 people die every year from radon-related cancer. Smoking causes more than radon, so it is the second.

How to Protect Buildings from Radon Gas

Public buildings gather radon gas indoors. Basements and garages suffer more from the presence of this gas. As a result, people working in such indoor areas are more vulnerable to lung cancer. To measure the level of radon gas in a building, you need to call experts and request an inspection of the indoor area. Albatross Restoration offers professional services for controlling radon gas spread in indoor spaces. The company employs highly skilful staff for serving public buildings. By using the latest technology and equipment, they can clean the air inside and keep the indoor air condition under check. Installing proper equipment also keeps the environment clean and safe from radon gas.

First, an air test reveals the level of radon gas presence. If the test shows that the radon level is 4.0 pCi/L or higher, the team of experts decide to install a radon mitigation system to bring the radon gas level down. New technology and methods introduce more modern ways to combat radon gas in buildings. Albatross Restoration updates its methods and techniques regularly to be at a higher professional level of services.