Roof Repair

Protective roof coatings services from Albatross Restoration allows roof repairs and full waterproofing coverings. The coatings works for flat roofs, metal roofs and even clay roofs! Roof coatings are seamless and ultra-fast curing, could be reapplied as many times as needed with a high-performance definition: it protects against water (water ponding), UV (ultraviolet) and does not crack even with aging process at movement joints, resistant to salts, chemicals (corrosive chemical fallout, acid rain pollution, oil leaks, gas, etc., weather patterns like thaws cc
Protective coatings that we use for roof coatings is hardly influenced by changes in temperature and humidity level — the coating performance overall and adhesion of the material at the time of application.
It is a new generation, environmentally friendly material. It is solvent-free, consists of a 100% solid formula and no VOC's (volatile organic compounds).
The material certified for 30 years under severe weather conditions (such as -40°F to 220°F/ -40°C to 110°C).
It could be mixed with a color additive and has color variations such as white, reflective grey, green, black, etc.
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Roof Spraying (coating) with Protective Waterproofing Application
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