Sidewalk Repair

Albatross Restoration is a local expert in concrete repairs, including repairs of concrete sidewalks, walkways, pathways, curbs, and steps.
We are located in Mississauga and serve Toronto and GTA area.
Albatross Restoration repair methods are exceptionally new, convenient, and cost-effective. A correctly done repair will last for decades — no need for replacement of the whole slab.

Concrete Patching

We do durable concrete patches by adding a special additive that is highly adhesive and bonds existing concrete slab. The patches might be thin and though hardwearing. We restore concrete slabs to its original condition, no striking visible signs of repair could get noticed.
The procedure does not require extensive demolition; we need to remove all hardly damaged concrete and thoroughly clean the surface for the application of the cement and specialized concrete adhesives. Such applications are much more cost-effective, and fast compare to the traditional methods of concrete repair.

Concrete Crack Repair

The process is straightforward and made in a few steps. Albatross Restoration can cure single crack or multiple on a flat concrete surface with the giving the slab it is original look and properties.
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