Parking Lot & Underground Garage Maintenance

Albatross Restoration waterproofing and concrete restoration company.
Most of the Parking spaces in condos and plazas are located underground and made from concrete, which means it needs extra attention to load barring walls, ledger beams as it holds the whole structure.
Concrete Foundation Cracks

Albatross Restoration specializes in foundation crack repair. Concrete is an excellent material that could be reinstalled as many times as needed, but it is expensive when you do a complete restoration of the whole wall/floor/column. Albatross Restoration uses technology that allows repairing. The material that we use would penetrate inside of the crack, where it bonds the structure from the inside. Moreover, it activates with water, self-healing, easy to apply. Thus it is more practical, less time consuming, and cost-effective.

Concrete Patch Repair

Concrete Patching is usually complete fast. Albatross Restoration can beat it; we are doing it extremely fast as new technology that we use does not require us to do extensive demolition in the area of application. The special material that we use permits to apply a thin patch, and it would adhere, penetrate, and bond with the concrete structure. The technology allows us to beat time, which means convenience to the public and cost effectivness to the consumer.

Expansion Joints Waterproofing

When there is a defect in waterproofing that was originally made over the surface of expansion joints, with a traditional method, we do extensive excavation and reinstallation of the whole problematic surface. Albatross Restoration has a unique product that allows stopping water leakage from the inside (negative side of the structure). It makes a big difference for the consumer as time and convenience we offer could not be underestimated. Contact us to learn more about the product and what we offer.
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