Utility Room Waterproofing

Concrete Floor Repair/ Restoration

A Utility Room floor is usually getting a lot of damage due to the heavy machinery installed, occasional leaks, and spills. Albatross Restoration restores floors returning it to the original look.
Our team applies thin patching of special concrete with an additive for damaged surfaces.
For heavily damaged floors, we remove all loose concrete pieces, clean the surface thoroughly, and apply a special cement with additive, rebars installed, and treated with a corrosion-free coating.

Concrete Floor Crack Repair

Albatross Restoration is also repairing concrete cracks. We cure single breaks or multiple cracks. The process requires to remove all unsound concrete parts. However, we keep the slab with no need for extensive demolition for the total repair.

Concrete Floor Waterproofing

Prior to the application of waterproofing coating on the concrete, we need to do all necessary repairs to the damaged surface. After it all done, we use waterproofing coating for even more protection; the layer shields the concrete floor not only from water/ oil spills damage but also extra protection from chipping, cracking, and flaking.
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