Foundation Repair & Waterproofing

Albatross Restoration is working with faulty foundations. We specialize in cracked, crumbling, or wet concrete foundations.
Cracks through the wall or floor of the foundation is another cause for the leak. It might damage the insides of the room if it is an elevator pit, it may lead to the deterioration of the elevator mechanism and later to the complete shut down of the elevator.
Industrial and commercial tunnels are also having waterproofing issues, especially susceptible areas are expansion joints. Water is dripping from the roof of the tunnel and walls or might be seeping from all over. Complex underground structures need a negative side waterproofing applications and durable, high-quality materials. Albatross Restoration is sure how to fix it.
The signs of the waterproofing issues of the foundation are rusted metal, fluorescence, and calcium deposits, the darker waterline on the foundation wall. The change in color on the bottom of the foundation wall might be a sign of a previous flood or a sign of a saturated wall with water. The saturated wall is more dangerous as it could start to leak at any time. (cold joints are usually more susceptible area for the leakage)
The problem of waterproofing foundations in highrise buildings is that it is costly and complicated to redo waterproofing from the outside, and negative side waterproofing technology is the best possible solution.
Albatross Restoration also performs an infrared analysis that would show even the smallest cracks in the foundation.

Underground Tunnel Repair with Polyflex Application

Waterproofing Elevator Pit

Albatross Restoration is a Mississauga-based company and serves Toronto and GTA area; we specialize in maintenance elevator pits, including waterproofing, cleaning, concrete restoration, and infrared diagnostics.

Elevator Shaft Waterproofing

Albatross Restoration is handling all types of elevator pits and shafts concrete blocks or poured concrete. We use special techniques to remove water from the elevator shaft and unique waterproofing materials that are suitable for any elevator shaft. Albatross Restoration has the necessary tools and know-how to get rid of water in the elevator shaft.

Elevator Pit Cleaning

We also do elevator pit cleaning before doing waterproofing the shaft.

Infrared Diagnosis

Albatross Restoration performs infrared camera diagnostics, which gives the thermographic scan of the walls and shows any damage, leak, or crack in the wall.

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