Waterproofing Expansion Joints

Albatross Restoration specializes in repairing and waterproofing expansion joints. We work in Toronto, Mississauga, GTA, and all over Ontario.
Parking Garage Expansion Joints

Typically when the traditional waterproofing method ( membrane waterproofing) fails, and the water is entering over the surface of expansion joints in the podium roof of an underground parking garage or other facilities located underground. The usual method of repair would assume clear away the soil from the outside of the affected area, replace the membrane. That would be costly, time-consuming, and significant area closure for the public, which means inconvenience.
Albatross Restoration has a unique solution. We can do waterproofing and repairs of expansion joints from the inside of the building (negative side waterproofing).

Our technology allows for negative-side injection. We use a specialized expansion joint application. The method proves itself as useful as a traditional method of waterproofing, except it is much more efficient and low-cost.

We perform a waterproofing procedure from the inside (negative side) by drilling holes in joints (injection ports) and injecting liquid material, which becomes an elastic rubber. The properties are amazing; it has excellent adhesive qualities that bind cracked concrete displacing any accumulated water, moreover, not allowing water to re-enter. Thus injection seals any crack in the waterproofing membrane, preventing hydraulic pocket accumulation and ahead of time stop leaks from recurring.

Ledge Beam Waterproofing
Ledge Beam Waterproofing includes simular steps as repairing or waterproofing of expansion joints but more challenging; we would need to drill through close to 16" of ledge beam concrete to do the injection of the expansion joint behind the ledge beam.

Our application method is designed to create a long-lasting waterproofing seal and has proved itself through an extensive track record. Application within the structure (from the negative side) will avoid unnecessary expenses and widespread area closures caused by top-side repair.

To waterproof the expansion joint above the ledge beam, we have to drill through close to 16" of concrete. For proper straight drilling, we use a guided rail drill. It is crucial to make precise calculations so that the drill port will end up in between the concrete slabs at the top of the Expansion Joint opening.

We fill the entire volume of expansion joint through the injection port with a liquid material that would turn to soft rubber displacing all water, and chasing it out and filling all concrete cracks on its way, binding concrete. It also seals the port and allows the structure to operate as it is original without compromising it's solidity.

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