Latest Waterproofing Methods that Never Fail the Buildings

Commercial centers and public buildings are giant constructions. They need special building technology to stand the test of time and weather. The changing environmental conditions have imposed new challenges on buildings. However, modern technology has offered effective methods to combat these challenges successfully. Water seeping into the constructions is the biggest threat. That is why sealing methodology is essential to prevent water-based damage. Underground tunnels and buildings are surrounded by water deep in the ground from all sides. During rainy seasons the threat increases. So, the buildings need negative side waterproofing on the interior surface of the walls apart from the outside wall sealing. The experienced team of builders of Albatross Restoration company offers flawless services for all sorts of waterproofing of buildings

Negative Side Waterproofing Advantages

Negative side waterproofing creates a barrier coat to prevent water from seeping through the wall. You can apply negative side waterproofing material in both conditions when the water has started seeping into the walls and when you want to apply it as a preventive material. There is liquid material is mixed with liquid acrylic waterproofing materials. When you apply it to the wall, it penetrates the voids and capillary openings. It expands inside there and when it is fully dry, the wall is completely sealed.

You can apply negative side waterproofing material as a preventive step also. Just apply the material on a cement-coated wall and the product makes a perfect barrier against water leak after it dries. It creates a barrier that does not allow water seepage. The wall surface accepts it at any stage of its life. It is easy to repair and looks esthetic on the interior walls. Although cracks appear in it after a while because of earth movement or hydraulic pressure, the good news is that it is cost-effective. So, buildings can remain safe from water leakage if there is a regular maintenance schedule.

Crystalline Waterproofing Benefits

Microcracks and capillaries give way to the water. Sealing them effectively is the only solution to the safety of building from water damage. Crystalline waterproofing is a genius idea to shut those tiny holes. The ingredients of crystalline waterproofing are active agents. When you apply a coat of this material on a wall, it reacts with the moisture and free lime in the wall to form crystals. The crystalline formation is insoluble. While it dries and forms crystals which fill all the tiny gaps and cracks in the wall. The material is strong and does not get affected by water and water-borne chemicals. Hence, it provides an effective solution against water seepage. You can apply it as a surface application on an old wall or add it to the concrete, like an Admixture. It provides more strength to the walls. It is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). So, you can send the broken and old pieces of crystalline for recycling.

Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Elevator pit waterproofing is necessary for protecting buildings from underground water. You need to apply the elevator pit waterproofing method at the time of construction. But you can always apply it to an old wall also. Just call Albatross Restoration service and they will take care of the entire waterproofing requirements of your building.